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Introducing the voices of those who purchased the product


Konnichiwa! Hallo everyone!

Today I would like to introduce the impressions of those who purchased the product ♪

Thankfully, there are more opportunities for consignment sales at museums these days.

And I am very happy that the works with our thoughts have been delivered to those who have not been delivered until now.

And thank you so much for posting the photo!!

First of all, Miss. Baayan who purchased Japanese paper earrings!

"Echizen Japanese paper earrings have arrived from Dentoya Akatsuki. Local traditional crafts are used, so I am very happy as a local people."

Since she lives in Fukui prefecture, she was very pleased with the pierced earrings of Fukui's traditional craft "Echizen Washi paper".

I'm really happy that the locals like it!

I would like to continue to add various local traditional crafts to the product lineup.

You can combine colors and designs as you like with this product.

Japanese paper pierced earrings / earrings


Next, Mr. Kiorin, who purchased a YOSEGI parquet accessory.

"The other day, the product of

Dentoya Akatsuki arrived! I bought it after seeing the shop owner doing his best at the outdoor bazaar. I gave a gift to my ex-wife who always cares for our son."

It's very nice to give an accessory to your loved one.

It is an accessory of Mt. Fuji that represents Japan.

Earrings and different designs are also available.

Parquet Mt. Fuji accessories

Next, Mrs. Hana Marubuchi who purchased the recently released Tamahagane necklace (long type).

"I gave a Tamahagane necklace on my husband's birthday. The photo is my husband reading the materials of Tamahagane. cool! Fall in love again!! The recommended chain length is L for men."

Thank you for choosing this as a gift for your husband. It's a lovely couple!!!

Thank you for recommending the chain length also!

Tamahagane Necklace [-Isuzu-]

Next, she received a Tamahagane accessory as a birthday present from her husband!

"My husband gave me a choker and earrings made of Tamahagane as a birthday present! Beautiful Tamahagane steel is used, and the stone language is "to protect you from negative environment and emotions", so I would like to wear it and protect me."

Her husband gave her a Tamahagane accessory that she was interested in on the TV.

It made me happy to hear a very nice story. Thank you for telling us a wonderful episode!!

A "stone language card" is attached to the accessories of Tamahagane. Thank you for your introduction.

Tamahagane Choker [-Hoakari-]

Mukku-san bought a Tamahagane necklace!

"Ta-daa!! The tiredness of the day has been blown away! It's simple and nice."

I'm glad that the tiredness of the day was blown away with the power of Tamahagane! !!

I'm really happy that both men and women can use it!

Next, hagimaru-san!

"Merry Christmas! A product has arrived from Dentoya Akatsuki. It's like a gift to arrive at Christmas. (I ordered it myself though lol)

Tamahagane necklace and earrings. It's glittering and very beautiful. I also bought a Sanada Himo brooch and furoshiki cloth. I'm looking forward to using it!"

She even purchased a Tamahagane necklace and earrings, a Sanada Himo brooch, and Furoshiki cloth!

When I contacted her about my request to post on my blog, she said that she liked the products of our shops.

We will continue to offer products that will make you think so!!

We started handling the furoshiki of Choju-Giga from last year. The Kosanji Temple seal has been stamped with red color!

【Choju-giga furoshiki】

Lastly, let me introduce two tweets!

"I bought the Tamahagane earrings that I was interested in. I welcomed you!! I will wear it when I go to see the exhibition again."

"Here are the earrings I bought. Tamahagane is glittering and beautiful. I saw it on the net, but I thought I would decide after actually seeing it.

Just then It was sold at the Heroes exhibition in Tokyo, so I decided immediately!! I'm going to wear this and see the sword today."

She told me that how she got to know about Tamahagane accessory was on the internet, and she went to the #TheHEROES exhibition held at Mori Arts Center Gallery, and purchased it!!

I found out that there was such a person, and I thought that I would like to increase the chances of seeing the real thing more and more.

thank you very much.

This Tamahagane earring is also a popular item!

Tamahagane pierced earrings【-Suseri-】

I would like to introduce you to another wonderful posts next time!

In addition, when you purchase our products, please post photos and impressions of the products on Twitter and Instagram ♪

It is very helpful to add a mention to the post so that we can find it quickly. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!!


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".





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