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Japan Expo in Paris is almost here!


Hallo everyone!   KONNICHIWA!

I'm the staff of Dentoya Akatsuki who loves traditional techniques!!

The Japan Expo in Paris is almost here.

It will be held from July 14th to 17th, 2022.

So this time, I interviewed a representative who is about to fly to France.


Staff: Japan Expo is approaching, but is there any change in your mind from when you were crowdfunding?

Representative: I feel like "It's finally time for a match! "

Crowdfunding was, so to speak, "preparation of preparation", so it means that preparations for Paris finally began when the goal was achieved.

However, the feeling of "telling a lot of the charm of Japanese culture" has not changed.

I feel like a challenger and I'm very excited!

And for the past week, I've been busy preparing and packing products. It's just barely.

Staff: Please tell us what you want to do over there and what you are preparing for.

Representative: I can't talk about it in great detail, but we have prepared some special content.

We are planning to upload local photos on SNS, so please look forward to it!

(I made a French translation of the manga about how I decided to exhibit at Japan Expo, and we will pass out to the local!)

Staff: What do you especially want to convey in Japanese culture?

Representative: There are no particular points.

Since the customers are Japan lovers, I think they already have knowledge about Japan.

Therefore, I will try to show and convey it in a way that stimulates their inquisitiveness and curiosity.

I would like them to have an experience that is difficult to do even in Japan!!

Staff: At the end, please give a message to those who support you.

Representative: Thank you for your support.

I, as a shooting athlete, and I, as a representative of Dentoya Akatsuki, have different activities, but the philosophy is common to both.

I will continue to do my utmost to convey the identity of Japan that I can be proud of to the world, and I appreciate your continued cooperation.


This is the interview with the representative.

Thank you to everyone who participated in crowdfunding and supported us.

I would like to report on the local situation on the blog during the expo period.

Since the representative will be away from Japan while going to Japan Expo, the ordered products will be shipped after returning to Japan.

Thank you very much for your understanding!


Pre-order sales of "Ukraine-supported straw craft accessories" have started!

Please check this out for details.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The product page is here.


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".






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