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Thank you for the review of Tamahagane Lucky Charm


Hallo everyone! KONNICHIWA!

I'm the staff of Dentoya Akatsuki who loves traditional techniques!!

Today's blog is "Thank you for the review of Tamahagane lucky charm".

Thankfully, the number of photos and impressions of our accessories has increased recently! Every time I see it, I am full of gratitude.

In that, I realized that I had forgotten one big thing! That is, "I didn't put a picture of the back of the lucky charm!"

In fact, Tamahagane lucky charm are very particular about the details, and there are different patterns on the back side. The Japanese pattern is given like this.

I noticed from the post by Mr. Renzaburo who took a beautiful picture of the back side! thank you very much.

"Tamahagane lucky charm and necklace have arrived! Yeah!

There are many layers of gold patterns in the red scarlet color, and the ball steel that shines at various angles feels powerful! Moreover, the back is a checkered pattern!

It's very beautiful and moving. Thank you Akatsuki-san! "

When I got permission from him to publish it, I was really happy to hear that he said, "I sometimes look at it and enjoy the glitter of Tamahagane." "I was happy to meet a wonderful item." Thank you very much Renzaburo-san!

Tamahagane Lucky Charm

There were other wonderful introduction posts, so this time I will introduce the person who posted the Tamahagane lucky charm!

"It arrived! :)

My favorite color.

Navy blue pierced earrings,

lucky charm and necklaces"

Misa-san likes dark blue, so she bought a dark blue amulet and dark blue tassel earrings together. I'm really happy to have you take a picture with the earrings. It suits you very well!

Tamahagane Necklace【-Isuzu-】

Tamahagane Tassel Pierced Earrings【-Konohana sakuya-】

Next, she introduces the items nicely. Thank you for taking the amazing picture so that we can tell the color changes depending on the angle.

"Received the items I purchased at Akatsuki. I've been waiting for you!

Tamahagane pierced earrings that I have been wondering about the design for a long time.

After thinking a lot, I decided on "Suseri".

I can't wear it during work, but I always feel like wearing it on my days off!"

"And【Masano Hagane Mamori】

Amulet-type resin charm with Tamahagane enclosed.

As you expected, I chose the green bamboo color, but the color of the Japanese paper is very beautiful! And there is a rabbit!!!

On the back side is the wave pattern that shines gold depending on the angle.

When you hold it over the light, you can see that the designs are layered more than you can imagine."

Tamahagane Pierced Earrings【-Suseri-】

Looking at it like this, everyone is very good at explaining and taking pictures.

I want you to teach me how to take a picture! Haha

Regarding posting, we post only those who have contacted in advance and consented.

Everyone's posts are really nice, so I wanted to set up an opportunity to introduce each product again!


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".






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