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Thank you for many posts!!


Hallo everyone! KONNICHIWA!

I'm the staff of Dentoya Akatsuki who loves traditional techniques!!

It's been a long time, but I would like to thank all the people who introduced merchandise from our shop, DENTOYA AKATSUKI!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for taking the time to take a picture and posting it!

(We will only introduce those who have permission to publish)


First of all, Ms. Ryoko Komekure who introduced us to the haori string of Tamahagane.

"It is a Tamahagane haori cord of DENTOYA AKATSUKI.

Modern kimono is good, but classic kimono is also good!"

Thank you for coordinating nicely!!! It's really nice to be wearing a kimono like this.

Tamahagane Haori Cord 【Munakata】


TOKI-WA san took a close-up photo of the Tamahagane hairpin and introduced it.

"It is Akatsuki's Tamahagane hairpin.

A small Tamahagane is in this acrylic glass also. After all it is good to carry Tamahagane with me"

I'm glad that you feel attached to Tamahagane!

Tamahagane Hairpin【Toyotama】


Daijiro-san uploaded a photo of a tamahagane necklace and amulet.

"These arrived from my parents' house!"

After that he seems to have attached a talisman on his wallet.

I think we will soon be able to release the long type of necklace proposed by Mr. Daijiro. Thank you for your suggestion!

Tamahagane Necklace【-Isuzu-】


Aru Naka san feels the power of Tamahagane very much. Don't you feel the energy from the Tamahagane photo?!

"Akatsuki's Tamahagane pierced earrings have arrived. It has the power to protect you from negative environments and emotions! It has a great presence and feels like it's alive."

"Akatsuki's Tamahagane Amulet has arrived. It's too beautiful to put into words. The moment I opened the box, I felt like I was told [I will protect you!]."

It seems that you have received a very compatible Tamahagane, and I am sure that it will protect you.

I think it will become more and more compatible as you bring it (^^)

Tamahagane Pierced Earrings【-Suseri-】

Tamahagane Lucky Charm


Ten-san introduced us to different types of pierced earrings and necklaces.

"I received a Tamahagane necklace and Tamahagane earrings. I fell in love at first sight! Thank you for wonderful fate. It is an important treasure."

I'm really happy to hear that! You also took a photo of the paper explaining the traditional Tatara steelmaking. Actually, these are the two types of Tamahagane item that I have!

Tamahagane Pierced Earrings【-Tamayori-】

Tamahagane Necklace 【-Isuzu-】


Takenoko-san who always takes a picture of the representative. Thank you for your wonderful photos!

"I wanted a Tamahagane accessory that was a gift for the viewers of the Japanese famous TV program "Discovery of the World's Mysteries", So I ordered it."

That's right! In fact, Tamahagane necklaces and earrings have been adopted as gifts for viewers of "Discovery the World's Mysteries".

Thank you for using the hair elastic!


Red san also introduced hair elastic.

"I fell in love with it at first sight and bought it. Tamahagane, the material for Japanese swords. It's a new discovery that it's so beautiful.

I'm glad that traditional things are so cute and familiar.

I gave my sister a different color, pink!"

It's nice to have matching items with sisters!

Also, thank you very much for explaining Tamahagane. Tamahagane is not well known yet, but I will do my best to spread it more.

Tamahagane Hair Elastic


Noriko-san, thank you for introducing the products of Dentoya AKATSUKI.

"The representative talking will make you want to know more about Japanese culture\(^o^)/ Akatsuki's products are wonderful because I can feel the warmth of the craftsmen."

"Good morning. The photo shows a Tamahagane necklace and Japanese paper earrings. And my T-shirt. This is a picture of when I went out in this standard style. Wearing something you love will make you feel better. Thanks for everything today!"

It's great to match Japanese paper earrings and Tamahagane necklaces with your favorite T-shirts!!! And I am very happy that you can convey the warmth of the craftsmen to everyone in this way.

Japanese Paper products

Sanada Himo Cord products


Thank you very very much everyone!!


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".




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