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Our feelings towards Japan Expo


Hallo everyone! KONNICHIWA!

I'm the staff of Dentoya Akatsuki who loves traditional techniques!!

Dentoya Akatsuki will be exhibiting at Japan Expo in Paris, France this summer!!!!!

(In the previous blog, I explained about Japan Expo.)

This time, I interviewed the representative for the exhibition, so I would like to introduce it!

Dentoya AKATSUKI "Please tell us why you want to participate in Japan Expo."

Owner "Originally I knew the existence of Japan Expo and wanted to exhibit overseas someday.

Sponsored by Japan Promotion, it is the largest organization in Japan and the only organization that operates the official exhibition pavilion hall in the traditional and regional culture sector.

Japan Expo is positioned as the first market for Japanese products to expand overseas.

Arts and crafts made with traditional techniques and goods with Japanese charm.

There are also artists, creators, craftsmen who handle high-quality Japanese cultural content, as well as workshops and productions.

In France, where the percentage of Japanese fans is said to be the highest in the world, it is an event that has been well-received by discerning enthusiasts and art experts from the general public.

We cannot afford to miss the opportunity to be known by more people at this world's largest event. "

Dentoya AKATSUKI "What kind of feelings do you put in your store?"

Owner "I learned about the difficult circumstances of craftsmen through the performance of matchlock guns.

If the economic cycle of traditional products and traditional culture continues to be small, there will be no bearers. If there are no bearers, the history, traditions, and culture of Japan that we have been protecting will disappear.

However, consumption is currently declining, and the reality is that craftsmen are having a hard time.

Some craftsmen are not good at selling things by themselves.

Therefore, there is no room to accept disciples, and there is a problem of lack of successors.

The reason for launching "Dentoya AKATSUKI" is that I wanted to create a system where money goes to craftsmen who connect traditional techniques.

It was launched with the idea of "I want to convey the world-class Japanese traditions, culture, and craftsmanship to as many people as possible!"

Dentoya AKATSUKI is, in a word, a "hub that connects craftsmen and consumers."

We operate with the desire to pass on traditions, techniques, culture and spirit to future generations. "

(marbling print with using india ink is called 'suminagashi'. He took a class of suminagashi workshop!)

Dentoya AKATSUKI "Thank you very much. Please tell us your thoughts on Japan Expo at the end!"

Owner"I would like to take the opportunity of "DENTOYA AKATSUKI "to carry out activities to further spread the historical culture and traditions of Japan to people all over the world.

I love Japan. That is why I want to protect Japan's unique culture, technology, spirit, way of life, values, delicate sensibilities, compassion for others, cherishing things, and an attitude of coexisting with nature.

The feeling that the "Japaneseness" that has been built up over the long history of the past is fading away in the last few years cannot be dismissed as another person's affairs.

History is irreplaceable.

"Craftsman" is the person who embodies the unique identity, individuality, technique, and feelings of Japan. They carefully make historical crafts such one by one, and each one works hard with confidence and pride.

If technology is not used, it will be obsolete. If there is no demand, there will be no supply.

From the desire to pass on traditions, techniques, culture and spirit to future generations, I am thinking daily about whether craftsmanship can be used for things that meet modern demand.

Japan's unique techniques can only be reproduced by craftsmen who have inherited them. I am working to get people to know the unique technology of Japan and deliver it to many people.

One of the opportunities is "Japan Expo Paris" which I am going to participate in this time.

I believe that leaving behind the craftsmanship and continuing to convey it will directly lead to the passage of Japanese history to future generations. "

It will be held from July 13th to 19th.

All funds are at our own expense.

But, if you agree with or support this representative's thoughts, we would be grateful if you could support us at the crowdfunding that starts on April 15th!

Thank you very much!


Due to the recent surge in material prices and transportation prices, the prices of some products have been raised since April 1.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".






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