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【Japan Expo】Exhibition preparation and first day


Hallo everyone!   KONNICHIWA!

I'm the staff of Dentoya Akatsuki who loves traditional techniques!!

The representative left for Paris on July 12th to exhibit at Japan Expo.

This time we will report on the preparations for setting up the venue and the state of the first day!

This is the first time for a representative to go abroad.

The people on this tour are all exhibitors at Japan Expo.

Arrived at the event venue!

Dentoya Akatsuki area is....

What a surprise!

It's "No. 1"!

First of all, we displayed the sponsor's plate!

Thanks to the sponsors and many other people who supported us, we were able to come this far!

Thank you very much!!!

He was planning to display the armor in the Akatsuki exhibition area, but it seems that it was impossible to bring the armor this time ...

Then he printed it on a tapestry and stuck it on the wall.

In addition, we put NOREN on our area.

Noren is a Japanese curtain that hangs at the entrance.

The representative said, "I want the locals to enjoy the feeling of going through Noren!"

How was the reputation of the locals???

We exhibited our products and Tamahagane.

It looks like this for now.

The French version of the manga will be taken home by everyone who visits Akatsuki!

I will introduce a few other booths!

Here is the best selling rice ball in the world!!!

All booths are very attractive!


And the first day starts!!!

People who are interested in Japan will come, so they are wearing Japanese like clothes!

This is a person who is helping him locally.

Thank you very very much!!!!

Others The whole venue.

It seems that there are even Shogi, Karuta, and Shiatsu finger‐pressure therapy booths!

It seems to be a great success!!!


Pre-order sales of "Ukraine-supported straw craft accessories" have started!

Please check this out for details.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The product page is here.





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