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Meaning of color


Konnichiwa! Hallo everyone!

Today I would like to tell you about the meaning of color.

Last time, we introduced a lucky charm using Tamahagane, which is our new product!

The beautiful color of this charm is comes out by sandwiching Japanese Washi paper!

Therefore, the products are named after traditional Japanese colors.

I prepared it with the hope that you could choose your favorite color, but since there are 15 colors, everyone seems to be at a little bit loss.

So I would like to introduce the meaning of colors!

【There is a "color language"】

I introduced "stone language" before, but there are also "color language".

It's the impression and image of the color.

White → Good, Truth, Pure

Red → Love, Passion, Danger, Courage, Attack

Orange → Cheerful, Happiness, Pride, Ambition, Patience

Yellow → Active, Clear

Green → Safety, Health, Hope, Peace

Blue → Calm, Intelligence, Future

Purple → Noble, Justice, Elegance, Mystery

Gold → light

In addition, there are some that have a color language in the specified color rather than a rough classification.

(The numbers correspond to the product numbers.)

1.Konjo (Navy blue)

Self-esteem, Selfless devotion, Intuition

2.Shikon (Bluish-purple)

Self-management, Intellectual authority, Opinion leader

4.Zougeiro (Ivory)

Trust, Honesty, Conservative

6.Kusairo (Grass green)

Wisdom, Art, Sophistication

14.Usuzakura (Light cherry blossoms)

Sophistication, Friends, Smiles

The photo above is all colors of "Masano Hagane Mamori".

Please check the product from here ♪真砂鋼守-まさのはがね守り

And, as I learned for the first time, there seems to be a birthday color!!!

There are colors on each day of the birthday.

When giving a gift, it is best to choose something that is close to the person's image, but if you cannot decide, it might be a good idea to choose something that is close to the birthday color!

Did it help you choose the color?

I thought that many people didn't even know the "stone language", so I decided to attach a card that briefly explained the stone language to those who bought Tamahagane products.

I hope it helps those who want to send gifts!!


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".



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