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Japanese paper with a leather-like texture


Konnichiwa! Hallo everyone!

This time, I would like to tell you about "Washi"-

-Japanese paper products.

My favorite is the Tamahagane series, and I've only written about Tamahagane so far.

But I thought "No,there are many other wonderful products!" so I picked up a Japanese paper product again!

Then I was surprised!

It was very comfortable to touch and was more like leather than paper!

I think that the Japanese paper that is familiar to you is calligraphy paper or letter paper, but it's completely different!!!!

When I brought back Washi products a little, my mother saw it and bought all the stock of eyeglass cases!

It seems that she liked the lightness and the feel.

Then I was curious to find out why it had such a leather-like texture.

In the first place, what is paper and what is the difference between Japanese paper and Western paper?

First of all, what is paper?

It is defined by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) as "manufactured by sticking plant fibers and other fibers together".

Western paper is made from pulp that has been spread evenly and then dried and hardened. After that, the surface is finished by applying process such as glossing and smoothing to make it suitable for printing.It can be mass-produced by machine, and most of the things we use on a daily basis are probably Western paper.

In comparison, Japanese paper can be machine-produced, but proper ones are handmade. The main raw materials are bark fibers such as Kozo, Mitsumata, and Ganpi, and vegetable adhesive liquid (mainly Abelmoschus manihot) called Neri.

Boil to remove impurities, then remove it carefully by hand those that cannot be removed. Then tap it to soften the fibers.Add water and Neri here to make the basics of paper.

In the "Suki-so" that contains the material of liquefied paper, the bark fibers are entwined by slightly moving a tool called "Suki-keta".

Then a piece of beautiful paper is made.

You may have seen the scenery of making Japanese paper. Compared to Western paper, each fiber is longer, the strength of the paper is increased, a unique texture is created, and it is also strong.

All of the Japanese paper products of Akatsuki are Echizen Washi Japanese paper so far. (Someday, I would like to handle Japanese paper products nationwide, such as Sekishu Washi paper and Mino Washi paper.)

※Please see this link for Echizen Washi paper ♪

We use "Momigami" from Echizen Washi Japanese paper for wallets, gamaguchi, business card holders, eyeglass cases, and earrings.

Momigami is made by crumpling strong Japanese paper. It's thick and soft. The feature is wrinkles called Shibo.

In other words, what I want to say is that……

it is completely different from the "PAPER" that you always think of!!!

It's frustrating that it's hard to convey the goodness of Japanese paper on the internet!

And it's surprisingly light!!! It's light enough to forget to wear earrings and pierced earrings!

From the perspective of my mother's liking, I think it's a perfect gift. Please by all means on Mother's Day in May!

I wanted to convey the charm of Washi somehow, so I tried to retake the Japanese paper products that are difficult to convey in the photos! lol

Did you feel the charm even a little? 

I hope so!

Since each Japanese paper product has a different design, you cannot choose it, but if you say a color, we will do our best to accommodate it.

↓Please check Japanese Washi paper product from here↓


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".





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