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Looking back on the "Shofuku exhibition and sale"


Konnichiwa! Hallo everyone!

Recently, there have been a lot of events, but on January 23, we were able to successfully complete the "Shofuku exhibition and sale".

We would like to thank everyone who came to the event and FUJI ACETYLENE IND. CO., LTD. for their cooperation!

It was published in Shizuoka Shimbun newspaper and Gakunan Asahi Shimbun newspaper during the "Shofuku exhibition and sale"!!

This time, we held a shooting tournament using "matchlock-shaped rubber band guns" as a new event!

In addition, we sold "only one tote bag in the world" in which Mr. Hayashi, a kite painter, draws the picture of the request.

Adults participated more than we expected in the shooting competition, and one tote bag in the world was very popular, and I am very happy that everyone enjoyed it.

We asked the owner of our store to look back on "Shofuku exhibition and sale".

Dentoya AKATSUKI "How was it when you held the shooting tournament for the first time?"

Owner"With the help of FUJI ACETYLENE IND. CO., LTD., which is the sponsor of this shooting competition, we were able to prepare a lot of prizes. It was a shooting tournament planned with the desire to have children enjoy it, but I think that adults also returned to their childhood and enjoyed it together. There were scenes where children were mixed in the adult section, but it was also interesting that the adults lost in the end.The adaptability may be higher than that of adults."

Dentoya AKATSUKI "Tell us what impressed you throughout the event!"

Owner"This is the second time for the Shofuku exhibition and sale sponsored by Dentoya Akatsuki. I'm glad that many people who came last year also came this year. Also, some said "I'll come again next year!", so I would love to hold it again!!

In addition, we will donate a part of the sales this year as well, but some of our customers made an extra payment, saying "Please donate" when they purchase the product.

I would like to thank FUJI ACETYLENE IND. CO., LTD. for their support and the staff of Fujisan Housing for helping us with the provision and accounting of the venue. "

These are the words of the representative of the store.

Regarding donations, we will hold a donation ceremony on February 14, so we will report it later!

In addition, with the desire to add more money for donations, we held a charity auction with the work completed in the live performance. (This auction ended on January 31st (Mon.))

"Ebisu Daikoku" by kite painter Naoki Hayashi. This is the only work in the world!

In addition, we are currently doing consignment sales at three locations: Fukuoka City Museum, Sano Art Museum, and Roppongi Hills Mori Arts Gallery!

Products can also be purchased from our website.

↓Please have a look ♪ ↓

We will continue to do our best so that many people will know about wonderful traditional crafts!


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".





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