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伝統屋 暁

I want to convey the world-class Japanese tradition, culture, and craftsmanship to as many people as possible! 

I launched [Akatsuki] with such a spirit.

means dawn in Japanese. 

This name was given with the hope that "craftsmen and techniques will be noticed again as if they are bathing in the dawn sunlight".

Our concept is "consuming techniques and returning it to craftsmen".

Our goal is to support Japan's unique technology and culture, which are being lost, and to deliver products that are close to each customer's life. 

The products are full of craftsmanship and valuable traditional techniques. 

By all means, please take it in your hand and feel its splendor. 

I would appreciate it if you could use it as a gift.


"I wish there was such a product"
We value the voice of our customers.

"I want to enrich the life with our technique"
We value the thoughts of the craftsmen.

We offer handcrafted, domestically produced products with full of elegance and humanity.

The customer who picked it up,
the important person who received it as a gift,
and the craftsman. 

I would be happy if I could create an environment

where everyone who is connected by chance can be happy.

Representative of Akatsuki
Shohei Sano
佐野 翔平

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