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Meaning of giving a present -Power Stone-


Konnichiwa! Hallo everyone!

Our shop sales "Tamahagane lucky charm".

Tamahagane is the raw material for Japanese swords.

It is made from so-called "iron sand", such as magnetite and ilmenite.

Unlike the amulets of shrines, our lucky charms are similar to "power stones" because we receive the power hidden in "magnetite".

【The power of magnetite】

Magnetite has the effect of converting negative energy into positive energy, and has a powerful healing effect.

Besides, I search the power of magnetite, it looks like this:

★ Create the best chance from the biggest pinch

★ Increase your intuition, gain good luck and avoid crises

★ Don't fail with important decisions

★ Adjust disturbed emotions

★ Pull in good match such as beloved partners and best friends

It is said to have such power!

【What is a power stone in the first place?】

It is said that natural stones produced over many years on the earth have natural energy and mysterious power since ancient times.

Historically, it was worn during the time of Cleopatra and was dedicated to God in Egypt.

Shingen Takeda, a famous military commander in Japan, loves crystals, and has been used as an amulet and amulet effect in addition to jewelry.

【Give a power stone】

Wearing it as a talisman rather than just having it, then amplifies the energy of your "thoughts."

In other words, it is "strengthens the will of the owner and leads to good results" and "helps to fulfill the wishes".

It is important for the giver to "wish the other person's happiness" and "the other person will be happy to receive it."

It is the point that the person who receives it can comfortably wear it to exert its original energy.

So, in a relationship where you know the other person well

・ With wishing for happiness

・ With the other person's favorite color

・ Tell why you gave it

Then, the power stones and tamahagane charm that you gave as gifts will be effective♪

Also, the color has a meaning, so please refer to this page if you like.


Please check the product from here ↓

We use the traditional craft for lucky charm string, it is "Sanada Himo cord".

That string is selected with a color that matches the pattern on the surface.

Sanada Himo cord is so durable that it has been used for important things since ancient times.

【If you receive a power stone】

If it's an accessory, you'll know how to wear it right away, but if it's a lucky charm,

what should I do? Isn't it effective if I don't carry it around? Some people may think that.

The best way is to say "in a way that is comfortable for you."

If I would suggest, it's best to spend time together to improve the compatibility with the stone right after receiving it.

Please wear it or carry it with you as if you were spending time with it. Doing so will make it easier for the stone to feel your vibrations.

Power stones are like "my friends" and "the inner self", so if you treat them with such feelings, they will become more compatible and will strengthen your potential and consciousness.

If you carry it around, it may be scratched, so wrap it in a special cloth or bag.


↑ This photo is a color sample.

  You can choose from 15 colors!


We deliver you Japanese genuine skill with warmhearted crafts. We hope that we can continue to help you add color to your life with "tradition" and "craftsmanship".





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